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Underwater and Surface Marine Robotics, as known as robotics in general — is the science and practice of designing , manufacturing and, expirience , the use of robots in underwater and surface environments without any harm for nature.



During the preparation for this project, it was necessary to solve a very "difficult" question – how to name the department. On the one hand, the team has long been known by such keywords as "Marine" and "Robotics". On the other hand, the scope of our activity has expanded significantly since 2010, and the word "Marine" is associated with the sea, ships, boats – everything that our marine structures division has been professionally engaged in and is engaged in.

Software Eng  QDRON8 Project.

CEO  QDRON8 Project.

 Marine HSEQ QDRON8                        Project

Ramazon Azizov

                       Albert  Koha

                  Ivan Pyrukhin

Team of programing staff

Underwater and surface Marine Robotics